SEO or search engine optimization assumes a series of measures in order to display your site on the highest positions while introduction of certain inquiries by the user. “Wippo Team” gives a wide spectrum of services which includes: SEO, audit and site promotion.


Optimization in retrieval systems assumes:


- Optimization of pages through the code and content;

- The analysis of structure and the content of pages;

- Reconstruction and site improvement;

- Optimization and compilation of meta-tags;


Site audit includes:


- Research of a segment of the market with the subsequent detection of potential competitors;

- The analysis of urgency in searching engines;

- The analysis of the content of pages;

- Development of a site on the basis of a semantic kernel (determination of key requests in searching systems which should display your site);

- An estimation of the interface of the user;

- Systematization and content ordering on the Web page;

- Services of consulting in site advancement;


Site promotion contains:


- Registration of your site in retrieval systems;

- Setting of hit counters for the torn statistics of visitors of a site;

- Advertising campaigns by means of banners and context-sensitive advertising;

- An exchange of useful references with your clients and partners;

- Transfer of your site in directories and electronic cards;