Customer relationship management system

Wippo CRM Moldova optimizes all processes of sales, marketing, and customer support departments of a company. Purpose of this system is to expand sales, improve customer relationship and increase employee productivity.

CRM Moldova
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Wippo CRM features

Wippo CRM is able to automate all business processes through collection of full, valid, and centralized data.



Possibility of monitoring of sales department activity by accumulation of all data in one system: potential customers, provided offers, customer visits, contracts, etc.

Service and Support

Service and Support

Automation of customer-staff interaction process through the effective incident and query processing system.



A unique database of customers and prospects grouped by personalized criteria! It allows launching of individual marketing campaigns and tracking of performance and results of the marketing campaigns.

Analysis and Reporting

Analysis and Reporting

A unique opportunity of budgeting, analysis, and reporting on performance indicators. An intelligent automated notification system of the decision-making factor aimed at increasing the effectiveness of decision-making process.

Modules Wippo CRM

Wippo CRM includes the following standard modules:

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Advantages of Wippo CRM

Customer relation management system can be adapted to individual needs of any company and allows controlling each business process.



WIPPO CRM modules are 100% customizable and can be adapted to the needs and business processes of any company.



WIPPO CRM can be synchronized with other internal business process control systems such as Website, mobile applications, 1C, UNIAC, SAP, etc.


Monitoring and control

Opportunity of monitoring and controlling of all internal business processes such as current information about the customers and stages of sales process.


Analysis and Reporting

Analysis and statistical reporting (graphic) on each department or intra-company process for tracking targets and improvement of sales process.



System Wippo CRM can be accessed from any existing Desktop devices or pads.


Easy to use

Complex system with intuitive and user friendly features securing maximum operating performance.

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