Mobile applications development

Development of mobile applications of various complexities. Wippo IT team has great experience in development of mobile applications in Moldova on various platforms and devices. Our purpose in each project is to deliver sophisticated, optimized, and user-friendly application (UI/UX).

Mobile applications types

Mobile applications are designed to work with smartphones, pads and other mobile devices. In March 2017, 2.8 million applications were available in Google Play stores, and 2.2 million applications were available in Apple Store. Impressive stuff!

Apple Icon IOS Applications
Android Icon Android Applications

1 / Business applications

Business applications are interactive software applications suitable for data query / modification / introduction with instantaneous viewing of results and report generation option.

Business applications

2 / Promotional applications

Promotional applications are designed for special marketing campaigns (event, product and service promotion) to increase involvement of individuals and to attract more prospects/ customers.

Promotional applications

3 / Customized applications

Customized applications are designed for meeting special needs of small and big businesses to optimize production processes, promoting productivity and staff efficiency.

Customized applications

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