We are advisors, engineers, and designers solving business challenges with innovative technology solutions.

Wippo IT develops diverse custom digital solutions for small, medium-sized and enterprise-grade businesses that streamline, automate and ​optimize business performance. We at “Wippo” can provide you with value-added solutions by combining our vast technical expertise and our industry-specific knowledge.

How we can help you
How we can help you

Digital transformation

Improve business operations and drive digital transformation
in your company.
How we can help you

Tech Advisory

Provide research and advisory services, to enable you meet your business goals.
How we can help you

Software development

Design and engineer
your custom IT product.
Done for 250+
On 500+

Focus Areas - Digital tools for your business

Following the Business workflow analysis, we help you integrate custom-tailored solutions that meet your business environment and enhance company performance.

Business Operation automation

Minimize manual entry, increase operational consistency, accelerate a wide range of workflows by implementing standard and automated processes to replace repetitive rule-based activities with a virtual workforce.

Workflow automation:

  • Order entry and tracking
  • Order management
  • Payment & Invoicing
  • Data entry automation
  • Task management
  • Inventory & procurement management
  • Warehouse and shipping operations
  • Assembly & dispatch automation
  • Production demand planning
  • Resource planning
  • Delivery orchestration
  • Reports, metrics and analytics

Resource management

We develop configurable business software tools to provide you with a complete picture of employee performance, production rates, equipment state and expenditures.

Our Solutions expertise:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Field Sales and service operations
  • Mobile point of sale
  • eCommerce, full-cycle operations
  • Distribution management
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse management
  • Production management
  • Purchase orders management
  • Routing and Proof of delivery management
  • Asset and Fleet Management
  • Ticketing and issue management system

Company's operating environment and software solutions overview.

Our solutions - enable your digital transformation, streamline business processes and workflow, while freeing you from dealing with underlying enabling technologies.

Software development

From idea to prototype and release - we can help your company throughout the entire product development lifecycle.

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How we work

Our cooperation with customers is planned according to a structured process so you know what happens, when it happens and how it happens.

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