Order management Software solution

Solution purpose:
An online order management platform for retailers, a tool to help you deliver the shopping experience your customers deserve.

Platform features:
Online orders don’t seem to be such a big deal, however, their successful outcome and positive customer feedback depend on the cooperation efficiency of several execution stages, which is difficult to achieve without a special business tool. Our solution is designed to track and automate the entire workflow starting with customer engagement, till delivery and beyond.

  • 1. Order management and delivery teams orchestration Standardize and consolidate the order management in a unified system that offers a “bird view” over the current status of orders and their execution progress.
  • 2. Track progress and efficiency Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your order management strategy.
Order management Software solution

Key features

Customer engagement:

Call center – Develop a customer engagement workflow for order confirmation calls which will result in additional cross-sales and will help you learn your clients’ preferences, thus improving the delivery experience for them.

Order confirmation – Easily confirm, adjust, or create orders during a phone call.

Cross-selling opportunities – Perform additional cross-selling operations during a phone call.

Enrich customer information data – Create a valuable customer database.

Feedback – Get insights about your products and customer service quality.

Track and manage order delivery progress

Order management – Track order execution progress, and delivery team locations.

Orders orchestration – Plan the delivery of the logistics team based on demand, stock availability and customer location.

Speed up the workflow – Automate the dispatch operations with Rules and Shipping Presets. Reduce the need for manual data input and avoid order processing errors.

Efficiency insights

• Track the top-selling products by their location and time.

• Track order processing efficiency and time as it proceeds from stage to stage.

• Track the activity reports of your delivery teams considering the number of completed orders, the traveled distance and the time spent.

Our Solution’s main benefits:

100% Customizable
Syncs with you existing
software environment
Scalable features at your request
Easy onboarding
On-site Deployment
(no subscription fees)

Integration approach:

1. Cost-free Analysis

Define specific business goals in your company's operations

2. Customization

We make sure that our product is fully adapted to the existing workflow and is ready to meet your expectations

3. Integration

Sync with your existing software environment

4. Training

To get the most out of our solution, we provide face-to-face training with your staff and management teams

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