Customer Relationship Management system

Solution purpose:
A CRM system is an effective way to scale sales and build relationships with your clients, providing the best customer experience starting with evaluation till the purchase itself and beyond.

Platform features:
Our solution includes numerous features focused on the stage-by-stage tracking and management of the sales processes.

Save time, avoid loss of information and misunderstandings within the sales processes by implementing standardized and automated workflows for any scenarios of your business operations.

  • 1. Manage leads and deals
  • 2. Automate the workflow
  • 3. Insights and reports
Customer Relationship Management system

Key features

Contact Management – A well-managed database that offers an overview of your customer interaction on a long term scale, helping you develop an individual approach and making you more familiar with your clients and their behavior.
Having a smartly organized customer relationship archive offers you the great advantage to view any contact information at a glance, pull up shared files, and easily refer to any previous customer interactions like meetings, payments, quotes and other communication details.

Perfect sales process – Align your teams, services and processes around a single source of truth by adjusting the sales workflow to your unique business needs and preferences. Clearly define particular sets of tasks that need to be completed at every stage of the sale. Prevent deal failures and errors by customizing lead nurturing rules and assignments.

Pipeline – A visual snapshot of stages that a prospect moves through your sales process. Helps you track the progress of your deals through the sales funnel and identify the weak points where deals tend to stall. Keep track of all opportunities that are expected to close within a certain time period.

Inventory Management – Empower your sales, finance, operations, and logistics teams to seamlessly interact with real-time stock and availability across all warehouses and product lines.

Price tags – Create and update a catalog of selling and/or buying prices of your goods or services. Determine the selling prices for each customer segment, quantity, or customer.

Deliver on your promises – Easily convert won opportunities into current projects and active orders without losing any customer data or purchase preferences. Track execution milestones, and integrate the external systems of your business workflow to ensure on-time delivery and satisfied customers.

Workflow automation – Automate the workflow of your company by defining particular action algorithms for every business scenario. Create time patterns for sending email alerts, add or update records, generate trigger tasks for other employees, and even execute custom business logic to sync external systems.

Reports – Create custom CRM fields for reports and decisions as unique as your business. Filter, group and oversee results, revealing winning patterns and bottlenecks of your sales process.

Our Solution’s main benefits:

100% Customizable
Syncs with you existing
software environment
Scalable features at your request
Easy onboarding
On-site Deployment
(no subscription fees)

Integration approach:

1. Cost-free Analysis

Define specific business goals in your company's operations

2. Customization

We make sure that our product is fully adapted to the existing workflow and is ready to meet your expectations

3. Integration

Sync with your existing software environment

4. Training

To get the most out of our solution, we provide face-to-face training with your staff and management teams

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